Install Windows 11 virtual machine on Ubuntu

In order to use Microsoft Office and Wechat on my laptop (the host system is Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS), I try to install a Windows 11 virtual machine.

Tutorial of installing

This is a good-written tutorial.

After that

Install spice-guest-tools to use easier

It is recommended to install spice guest tools on the guest machine. This could be found at, Guest - Windows binaries - spice-guest-tools.

Install sshfs to share files

It is wise to enable the guest machine to connect to the filesystem of host machine directly. I use sshfs to achieve that. Please refer to This tutorial. The second way in this post works for me.

Activate the system

This is a good tutorial.


The virt-manager benefits a lot when we install the virtual machine. However, after that we have some of fancier ways to control the virtual machines.

We can use virsh list --all to find the info of virtual machines. Remenber the name of your guest machine. We try to use CLI to control it.

  • virsh start <name>: Start the machine.
  • virsh shutdown <name>: Shutdown the machine.
  • virsh suspend <name>: Suspend the machine.
  • virsh resume <name>: Resume a suspended machine.
  • virt-viewer <name>: Create a GUI session with the machine. However, virt-viewer is more powerful than virt-manager.

virt-viewer has a banch of shortcuts, for example, Ctrl+Alt lets you escape from the control of guest machine; F11 toggle the full-screen mode.


It seems that this method to hold virtual machines is more efficient than Virtual Box or VmWare (just from my point of view).